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Heavy item packing tips in home moving process

Packing is a nerve wracking and strenuous task for every person; no matter whether the move is to a new city or to the next street. People would spend sleepless nights packing the light to heavy and fragile to tiny things in different sized boxes. The preparation of house moving has to be started a couple of weeks prior to the day of the move. This is a laborious and exhaustive work for the people. More importantly, you feel more stressful while packing heavy appliances and items. Undoubtedly, packing lamps and lampshades, garage tools, appliances, garden equipment, and other bulk items require a lot of efforts than packing shoes and clothes. In addition, carrying a box full of boxes is more exhaustive than carrying a box full of decorative items or children play material. It is really a challenging task for a person to pack heavy equipment and load them into the trucks or other vehicles for shipping to the destination. Also, you would face difficulty in packing furniture, pianos and other heavy items while moving.

The heavy items are not just cumbersome to pack, but also there are many risks associated with it and a few of them include

• Safety of the people who are packing and moving the items

• Safety of the people who are packing and moving the items

• Hard to move the heavy items from narrow corridors and this will injure the people and damage the equipment

• Cannot assure that the equipment will reach the destination without any damages, scratches or breaks

The cost of moving heavy items would be pretty high, as the packers and movers in Ernakulam will charge based on the weight of the items and distance the things should be moved. Sometimes, the cost also depends on the time it takes for a move and the complications in the job. Undeniably, to move heavy items, you would need to hire the best packers and movers in Ernakulam and also it takes a lot of time to load and unload them safely.

No one can afford to leave or sell the heavy items just because they are moving to a new place and is risky to move them. All people can do is to follow the valuable packing tips offered by the best packers and movers to ensure that the item will not break or form any cracks due to jerks in the transportation process. Packing the heavy items properly will avoid the risks associated with heavy items during the move and make relocation process a breeze.

The common question that comes in everyone’s mind is how to pack the heavy items? What measures to take while packing them to assure their safety and the packers? We are discussing the tips one need to follow.

Different Packaging materials to use

Packing materials are primarily used for two purposes

  • Give high protection to the items while shipping to avoid breakages
  • Make it easy for the people to carry them and safely place them in the shipping containers or trucks

When you use the right packing materials, no matter how roughly people handle the packaged items, they remain damage free during the transition. You can keep your favorite fragile or heavy items intact from getting prone to damages or scratches. However, you would need to use the right packaging material to pack all the household items. Few of them include

Strong boxes: You need to buy heavy duty shipping boxes and cardboard boxes that have the ability to withstand heavy items without falling down or the box getting torn off while loading and unloading the items. There are different other packaging boxes that are used. Few of them include book boxes, dish boxes, picture boxes, bottle boxes, etc. This clearly states that for packing every set of items, you would get different shaped and sized boxes in the market. These boxes can be used to pack delicate and valuable items carefully without getting damaged even for the jerks in the transportation. You also rent the plastic crates rather investing big on cardboard boxes. You also rent or buy the wooden crates to store heavy artworks, fragile items and other heavy things.

Thick wrapping: When you are packing fragile or delicate items, you would need to choose the boxes or wrappers that are thick. The more the thickness, the lesser it causes damage to the items while loading, unloading and transporting. Even when the box is slipped from your hands, the items remain undamaged. In addition, the thick wrapping protects the items even when they are loaded or fall over each other during the transition. So, ensure to bubble wrap or foam wrap the goods before putting them into the box to give extra layer of protection to the items.

Study cushioning: You cannot just crumple the paper and put it in the box of heavy items to cushion them at one place during the move. This will not provide additional protection. So, to give high protection you should use bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, foam padding, etc.

Use quality packing tape: This is a must and should packing item without which all your packing goes futile. Once you put all the items in the box, you need to tape them to avoid over flowing outside. This tape will not add any weight to the box, but will keep all the items in place.

But when you hire the best packers and movers Ernakulam, you will not have to worry about all these packing materials. The professional packers and movers like Prarthana Packers and movers Ernakulam, have all the necessary packing materials and so you can simply stay cool!

Points to remember

Do not use old boxes or boxes that are not designed for packing items, since these boxes would not have the ability to withstand the heavy weight of the items or may be damaged due to excessive usage previously.

Do not use the packing material that you already have to save money for moving heavy items instead invest in improvised version of packing material to carefully ship the items to the destination to provide enough protection to the items. In the process of saving money on packaging boxes, you end up with a costly mistake by spending high on repairing those damaged items in the move. It is crucial for you to use proper packaging material while moving heavy items to avoid scratches, cracks and severe damages to them in the move.

Prepare boxes

Packers and Movers Ernakulam_packing boxes

You cannot get the packing material to pack heavy items. However, you can take time in packing the heavy items in the boxes which you got while purchasing them neatly. Few things you need to make sure that you have packed the heavy items properly include

  • Use small moving boxes to pack items that are heavy. You should not use heavy moving boxes, since these are heavy to carry and may get broken easily by putting heavy weights on them
  • Strengthen the boxes using packing tape to keep the packed items at the same places without coming out of the box during transportation, loading and unloading process. These tapped boxes will reduce the risk of damages to the items while lifting and carrying them around.
  • You need to put the bottom of the boxes with bubble wraps, packing peanuts, or cardboards to give additional protection to the items

Tips to prepare heavy items to pack

There are different types of heavy items available in the home and office. Each item needs to be prepared differently. But, here are a few tips that are recommended by expert packers and movers Ernakulam

  • Unload the items that you have stored in the appliances or wardrobes
  • Dismantle the parts of the heavy items and store them safely in their respective packing boxes. You can dismantle the furniture equipment, IT equipment, appliances, etc.
  • Give extra protection to easily damaged parts like glass elements. You need to put bubble wrap, packing paper, foam sheet and other items to cushion them and avoid them from getting damaged during the move
  • Give high attention while wrapping heavy delicate items by buying the right packing material to keep them safe until those are moved to the destined address

Tips to pack heavy items

Once you have prepared the boxes and heavy items, it would be easy for you to pack them into the box and make them prepared for the move. Here are the steps you need to follow to pack heavy items

  • Choose thick and sturdy boxes that are bigger in size compared to the size of the item you would like to pack in them
  • Place the item carefully inside the box where you can see space on all sides of the box
  • Use packing peanuts, bubble wraps, foam sheet or cardboard to fill those empty spaces in the box. If you are adding more than one item in the box, ensure that both the items are not touched to each other and enough cushioning is there between both the items. You need to immobilize the items stored inside the box completely
  • Add cushioning material on top of the box to add extra protection to the fragile heavy items. Ensure to keep the top firmly to avoid the items from getting toppled over each other during the move. You need to check the top prior to sealing the box with tape. If you feel that there is ample space inside the box that could collide two items inside the box and cause damage then add more foam sheets or bubble wraps.

Simple tip: If there is ample space on the top of box in which you packed heavy items, you can add small articles in the same carton box. Though, it is not a good idea, since this lightweight and fragile item may get stacked between the heavy items and get damaged in the moving vehicle. You can divide the box in two parts by slicing the vertical edges and folding the sides to create a small box to put the lightweight items and seal them tightly. Based on the items placed inside the box, you can turn the box upside down to make the box withstand to heavy weights more than the capacity of the carton box.

  • Once you place the items and added the cushioning things, you need to seal the box and put this box in another box that is larger in size compared to the packed ones. You need to put cardboard pieces or foam sheets between these two boxes
  • Last thing you would need to do is to label the boxes with the name of the items you have packed. If you have packed fragile heavy items, you would need to leave a note as handle with care so that movers will take great care while loading, transporting and unloading them at the destination. Never forget to label the boxes with fragile items as fragile.

No box should be loaded with the weight more than 50 pounds

Tips to move heavy items

After packing all the household items from lightweight to heavy items, it is time for you to move them carefully into the truck to ship to the destination. Here are a few tips you need to follow to move them safely and damage free

  • Take comprehensive safety measures while moving heavy items from your old home without causing any scratches to the walls or corridors or to the items
  • Use lifting equipment to move heavy items and boxes to load into the truck and unload at the destined location
  • Take the moving equipment for rent to move the heavy items with ease and without putting much stress on your shoulders
  • After loading heavy items into the truck, you need to keep them safely at one place to avoid them from getting colliding and toppling on each other during the transportation

Hire professional packers and movers Ernakulam to safely pack, load, move and unload the items to the destination without taking much stress on you. These people are well-trained in moving fragile to heavy items safely. In addition, they use right moving equipment and tools to make sure that the move is done safely and efficiently.