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Tips to pack lamps and lampshades during the move

Are you transiting to a new place and started packaging all the possessions in your home? If you are going to pack all your items yourself without the help of any home packers in Ernakulam, then you need to take proper care while packing fragile items, especially lamps to ensure that they are moved safely to the destination without breaks or cracks. You need to take the same care that you took while picking those lamps in packaging, since breakage of those delicate items will break your heart and bank.

However, packing lamps is pretty easy for the people who are moving their home. All they need to do is to follow a few safety rules while packing these easily breakable things, or they can even hire a home packers in Ernakulam and they will take care of all the packing. These rules will ensure to transit these fragile items safely to your new home.

The other challenging thing that is faced by the people while packing lamps is on how to pack table lamps, chandeliers, and floor lamps which are of different sizes and shapes. To pack these lamps, you would need to put little more efforts.

Are you wondering of how to pack lamps during a home move

No matter whether you are moving to the next street or to other state, it is crucial for you to pack lamps snugly and neatly without leaving any room for damage during transition. Below are a few items you might need, to pack the lamps safely and also few of the tips are discussed.

What all you need to pack the lamps for a home move

Packing boxes


If you have the packing boxes in which you got the lamps while purchasing, then half of your job is done. In case, if you have disposed the boxes, then you need to buy cardboard boxes of different sizes to pack the lamps. You need to buy these boxes after checking the number of lamps and its sizes. Ensure to buy the boxes that better fits all the lamps in it without any hassle. Though, you can hand pick the boxes of different sizes, but it is advised for you to measure the lamp size and then go ahead investing in the boxes. There are a few local moving companies like Prarthana Packers and Movers in Ernakulam who will have the boxes of a wide range of sizes. These boxes will fit every other lamp inside it easily.

Packing paper

You need to buy packing papers that are clean and soft papers to pack the lamps during the move to avoid scratch marks or dust on the lamps. You should never use newspapers to pack the lamps, since it leaks ugly ink marks on the lamps which would totally ruin the look of those plush lamps.

Bubble wraps

This is the best material used to pack the fragile items during the move to ensure that the items are not damaged despite of jerks. You can buy bubble wraps from the local packers and movers companies or in the close by home departmental stores.

Marker pen

You need to use marker pen to label the boxes in which you are packing the fragile items. This lets you to handle those items with extreme care and without letting the fragile items inside the box from getting broken.

Tips to pack lamps while home transition

Buy the required sized boxes: You need to first buy the boxes that are required to package different sized lamps and keep the tape aside to wrap the cardboard boxes tightly to avert the items from falling down. You need to wrap the box with the tape despite of you buying brand new boxes. After placing the lamps safely in the box, you need to put crumpled papers around the lamps to keep them safe from bumps and accidental hits while transiting them from your old home to new place in a vehicle. The crumpled paper will provide ample cushioning to the lamps and let them stay safe without any breakages.

Slowly remove the lampshade: Based on the model, brand, design of the lamp, there are innumerable ways to remove lampshades. You either need to unscrew the lampshade or just pull off the lamp from the lampshade to make the lampshade to separately pack both lamp and lampshade.

Remove the harp: There are a few table lamps and floor lamps which have harps which are actually the frames either made of metal or plastic to hold the shades. You need to dismantle the harp from the lamp and place this aside.

Remove the light bulb: Light bulbs are fragile and one needs to safely unscrew and pack them in cushion like boxes to transport from one place to another without breakage. Many people leave the light bulbs in the homes without taking along with them despite the bulbs are expensive and usable. You can use their packaging boxes to store them safely. Otherwise, if you do not have their original boxes, you can use bubble wraps to pack the lamp and then keep them safely inside the cardboard boxes where you are storing all the fragile items.

Coil the cables: After dismantling all the components of the lamp, the next thing you need to do is to coil the lamp cable without leaving it on the floor to avoid it from entangling to your feet and you falling down. You can wrap the cable around the lamp and use cable tie to keep it in place without it getting uncoiled. You should not use tape to keep the cable and lamp together, since it damages the paint of the base.

Wrap lamp base and harp together: You need to roll the lamp base in bubble wrap and keep it in the cardboard box and then tap it without leaving any gap for its damage. You should never tap the lamp base directly, since it damages the fragile surface of the lamp base. Therefore, wrap the lamp base in bubble wrap and you also need to wrap the harp in the similar way to avoid acute damages.

Keep lamp base in a box: With a great care, you need to place the lamp base in the upright position in a box with its flat base down. You can carefully arrange umpteen lamp bases next to each other ensuring that none of the base gets in contact with the other directly. You need to use crumpled paper to avoid the base from getting in contact with each other. It is a best practice to keep all the parts of lamps together in a single box to install quickly after the move. However, ensure to keep lampshades in different boxes as these are fragile and are big in size.

Fill the gaps between the lamps: When you are packing breakable items in a box, ensure that there is no gap left between one fragile items to another to avoid them from getting broken during the move by accidental hit. You can either use paper or old cloth in the fragile items box to ensure that none of the item gets in touch with the other item during the move. If there are any gaps left between the fragile items, then they get in contact with each other despite of packing them in bubble wraps and leads to breakage during transportation.

Tape the box and label it for easy identification: You need to close the box lids properly and tape it and then label the boxes about the items that are in it and in which room they are supposed to be placed. Ensure to label the box loaded with delicate items as fragile.

Tips to pack lampshades during home move

Wrap and keep it in a box: First, you need to wrap the lampshade with two sheets of paper and then wrap the pack in a few sheets of bubble wrap. If there are multiple lampshades of same size, then you can nest the lampshade into each other to save space and packing time. You need to wrap each lampshade in a bubble wrap and then nest it into each other.

Give high protection to lampshades: If the lampshade gets broken while moving from one place to another, then the lamp that is fit on the lampshade becomes unusable until and unless you buy the lampshade of the same model. To avoid unnecessary expenses, you need to give high protection to the lampshade by packing it properly using bubble wrap and crumpled paper.

Do not leave gaps between lampshades: When you are packing lampshades to ship from your old home to new place, you need to make the space inside the box unmovable by cramming with paper or newsprint. This avoids the lampshades from move or colliding with the other fragile item packed in the same box during the move.

Lampshades are the expensive and fragile items, so make sure to keep them in the special place in a vehicle during transportation to keep them safe and undamaged. It is always recommended to hire a home packers in Ernakulam to get free from all these hassles. You will not have to purchase all these things if you hire packers and movers in Ernakulam. Just hiring them will finish your job and they will do everything for you.